Zentrum für soziale Inklusion Migration und Teilhabe (ZSIMT) Centre for Social Inclusion Migration and Participation
Zentrum für soziale Inklusion Migration und Teilhabe (ZSIMT)Centre for Social Inclusion Migration and Participation
Guiding Principles of ZSIMT

Our aim is to conceive and implement innovative educational programs around the themes of social inclusion and participation together with our partners in Germany and abroad.

The motto of our Centre is Social Inclusion for ALL!!! irrespective of ethnic origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, social class and religious affiliation. As a supra-regional, independent, civil societal initiative we wish to realize this vision through establishing and building up the learning and consultancy Centre for Social Inclusion Migration and Participation/Zentrum für Soziale Inklusion Migration und Teilhabe (ZSIMT) in Bonn.

Thematic Spectrum
Following themes constitute the central elements of our thematic spectrum:
  • Anti-Bias Primary/Continuing Education and Organizational Development Programs
  • Diversity Management in the Non-Profit Sector
  • Development Diversity
  • Internationalization at Home: Anti-Bias-Trainings as Part of Diversity Development Measures on the Campus
  • Global Education and Social Inclusion at the Community Level
  • International Management Skills
  • Conflict Resolution

Besides offering further education courses and implementing relevant educational programs in the above mentioned thematic spectrum our centre takes forward the discourse and practice of social inclusion through:
  • Networking - und Lobbying
  • Organizing and participating in regional and international Conferences and Workshops
  • Publications
  • Consultancy

Specific Activities and Target Groups
  •  Non-Profit Sector
  •  One World Networks
  •  Integration Commissioners
  •  Volunteer-/international Exchange Programs
  •  Youth-Voluntary Services/Exchange Programs
  •  Community Workers and Peace and Justice Workers
  •  Decision Makers/Heads of Educational Institutions
  •  Diversity Managers in Non-Profit Sector
  •  Community based initiatives und faith-based welfare services
  •  Migrant Organizations and other self-help groups
  •  Practice oriented Critical Social and developmental Research Institutes and Researchers
  •  Teachers
  •  Educators
  •  Social Workers and Adult Educators/Multipliers in the field of (further-) education
  •  Trainers Facilitators und Consultants

Innovative aspects of our Approach
Our theoretical and practical perspective on Social Inclusion, Migration and Participation is based particularly on the conceptual aspects of the Human Development and Capability Approach (Amartya Sen and Martha C. Nussbaum). Our implementation methods critically combine and enhance traditional approaches of „integration“and „intercultural learning“with concepts from anti-discrimination work, diversity oriented critical consciousness approaches, international development education and global learning at the local level.

Globalization and demographic changes in the past years have contributed to populations becoming increasingly diverse and heterogeneous. Owing to this change combined with a desire to deal constructively with societal diversity, the concept of social inclusion is increasingly coming into focus. Its concrete implementation occurs predominantly through Diversity and anti-discrimination measures. Organizational development measures in the non-profit sector are increasingly attempting to design and implement socially inclusive measures in their work places and communities in which they act.  Professionally conception of such programs, aiming to root social inclusion in future attempts at building just and equitable societies, calls for innovative educational measures, consultants, experts and institutes. Such institutes and professionals in this field are rare in Germany. The establishment of the Centre for social Inclusion Migration and Participation/Zentrum für Soziale Inklusion Migration (ZSIMT) fills this gap. In doing so,
  •  We work based on our convictions and build on our life world experiences
  • Our work is people-oriented, transparent, fair and sustainable
  • We guarantee professional, long-lasting implementation of  our contracts, projects and tasks


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Zentrum für Soziale Inklusion Migration und Teilhabe

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